Garage Door Spring Installation

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    One of the important components of a garage door is the springs.

    A garage door spring must ensure that it counterbalances the door whenever you operate it to move up or shut down correctly.

    But, if you’ve observed that your garage door is not functioning correctly, check the status of your garage door springs first.

    Now, if you observe that the springs break or split into halves, stop operating your garage door to prevent unnecessary accidents.

    When this happens, you can contact Sunshine Garage Door Pros.

    Sunshine Garage Door Pros consists of highly skilled garage door maintenance specialists who can correctly change your injured or broken garage door springs.

    Additionally, we offer garage door repair and installation in Jacksonville.

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    Two Class Garage Door Springs

    There are two classes of garage door springs, the torsion and extension spring.

    Usually, extension springs are installed on a single type of garage door or a standard one.

    If you want to see an extension spring, it typically seats above the track line of your garage door.

    One good characteristic of an extension spring is that it has a measurement of 9×7.

    This length and width guarantee you that they won’t fly inside your garage if they split into halves.

    In addition, if your garage door is composed of a two-way spring system, it’s best if you can invest in a safety cable.

    A safety cable can protect you and the people around you in case your garage door spring breaks.

    The second class of garage door springs is the torsion spring.

    If you have a heavy garage door with a door mass of 400 lbs, it typically uses torsion springs.

    The torsion or tension springs are commonly located at the wall where your garage door is mounted.

    It is installed or positioned at the wall to give room for clearance when operating your garage door.

    So, if you have this kind of heavy garage door, you can see two tension springs that support your door.

    How To Install Extension Springs?

    Installing an extension spring is relatively easy compared to torsion springs.

    However, even though it sounds difficult to do, installing any springs needs some proper training and skills.

    If you think you can’t do this project, you should leave it to the experts.

    If you still want to replace the springs, here’s the general procedure for this activity.

    Make sure to open your garage door first to relieve the tension on your springs.

    Next, get your C-Clamp and secure the door so it won’t accidentally shut down during the garage door spring replacement.

    Afterwards, disengage your extension springs from the track bracket and the pulley.

    One often mistake that garage door owners make when installing a new set of door springs is that they don’t disconnect the safety cable of their door.

    So, to prevent errors, ensure to disengage them too.

    Mount your new set of springs, then re-engage the pulley and safety cable.

    How To Install Torsion Springs?

    This project is complicated and dangerous to do.

    That’s why we don’t recommend DIY for this type of job.

    Installing torsion springs is very risky as it can cause injuries and accidents.

    That’s why; if you need to replace your old torsion springs, consider calling a professionally skilled garage door technician to help you.

    However, if you still want to execute the job and believe that you have the skills and knowledge, here’s the step by step process for installing torsion springs.

    First, close your garage door for safety purposes.

    Carefully take out both the torsion springs of your garage door using a winding bar.

    Next, disconnect the cables from your pulleys, unbolt the springs and take them out from the rod.

    Afterwards, install the new set of springs, then re-engage the pulleys and cables.


    If you need to replace your garage door springs, you can contact Sunshine Garage Door Pros.

    Our certified garage door technician has the skills and knowledge to handle the problem properly and install the springs correctly.

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