How To Open A Garage Door Without Power From The Outside

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    Electricity is a wonderful convenience that people take for granted all too frequently.

    The luxury and comfort it offers is often overlooked until it is no longer available.

    Power outage is particularly troublesome when you have an automatic garage door because most automatic garage doors cannot function without a power supply.

    Just imagine you are driving home following a long and stressful day at work.

    As soon as your wheels reach your garage’s front door, you just want to quickly open it with the remote control and head to your room for a nap.

    However, the power supply is off in the neighborhood.

    With this, you will have to go through the inconvenience of moving out of your car and manually opening your garage door.

    This can be an unnerving experience for you especially when you do not know how to open a garage door without a power supply from the outside.

    When caught up in this situation, you do not need to worry.

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    How to open a garage door manually from the outside?

    Certain circumstances may force you to open your garage door from the outside.

    Remember, automatic garage doors work because of a power supply.

    Therefore, you won’t be able to use your garage door opener if there is a blackout.

    Relying too much on electricity will leave you helpless in the event of a power outage.

    But, there’s no need to be concerned because every garage door is equipped with an emergency release kit designed for when the power goes out.

    If you find yourself in this situation, there are a few steps you can take to open your garage door after a power outage.

    Here’s how to open a garage door without power from the outside.

    STEP 1: Keep your garage door fully closed

    Before you begin, make sure that your door is entirely closed.

    A garage door that is not completely closed may indicate an internal problem such as a faulty spring.

    Attempting to disengage the garage door opener while the door is still open can be extremely dangerous.

    The door will slam to the ground that may cause bodily injuries and property damages.

    STEP 2: Locate the emergency key release

    All door openers are equipped with emergency release cords that allow the opener to be disconnected from the door panel.

    This is usually visible inside the garage as a red cord connecting the opener arm to the top panel.

    If you’re outside, however, the equivalent is the emergency key release.

    The first thing you need to do is to locate the lock within the garage’s sectional panels.

    It’s usually in the middle of the top-most panel when viewed from the outside.

    The lock will give you access to the emergency release cord from within the garage.

    STEP 3: Unlock the emergency key release

    Unlock the emergency key release by inserting the correct key into the tumbler.

    Turn the tumbler to pull out the lock or keyhole.

    When you take the lock tumbler out, you should notice that it is connected to a cord inside your garage.

    This is the emergency release cord.

    STEP 4: Pull the emergency release cord

    Pull down the emergency release cord from the opening of the lock tumbler.

    Once you hear a click, your garage door is successfully disconnected from the opener which means your door is already in manual mode.

    With this, you can now manually open the garage door.

    STEP 5: Use hands to open the door

    After doing the above-mentioned steps, your garage door is now unlocked.

    Carefully lift the garage door all the way up and ensure that the door is completely open before you drive under them.

    Because the opener isn’t present, you may have to exert more effort to lift the doors.

    STEP 6: Close the door

    Do not forget to close the garage door once you park your car inside the garage.

    STEP 7: Reconnect garage door opener

    Once the power has been restored, re-engage the door opener to the door panels to switch it back to automatic mode.

    After closing the garage, replace the emergency release cord.

    Do not forget to put back the lock tumbler and opening tumbler key in the top-most panel as well.

    Call Sunshine Garage Door Pros for Garage Emergency

    If your garage door is still not working after reconnecting the garage door opener, it could be due to a problem from the power outage.

    To avoid damaging your garage door, you should contact a professional repair technician as soon as possible.

    You can get in touch with Sunshine Garage Door Pros right away; we provide safe and reliable garage repair in Jacksonville.

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