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    Purchasing a new garage door is a major decision that needs to be planned and calculated well.

    Since the lifespan of most garage doors last about 20 to 30 years, significant decisions must be carefully considered in picking the right garage door for your house.

    Such decisions include when the right time to install a new garage door is and what are the perfect materials and measurements to achieve an updated garage door installation.

    A new garage door may be often neglected, but it actually improves the curb appeal and value of one’s house.

    Moreover, installing a new garage door will benefit you in having a safer home entry because the materials are brand new and more stable.

    However, it is difficult to know whether you need to install a new garage door or you should continuously use your current garage door.

    To answer your confusion, continue reading this article!

    Here, we are going to discuss everything you need to know about Installing a New Garage Door, particularly in Jacksonville.

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    Signs that you need a New Garage Door

    Brand new garage doors are definitely more expensive than simple garage door repairs or replacements.

    Installing a new one can cost you greatly and so it is important that your decision of buying is worth it and well-thought of in order to avoid wasting expenses.

    Troubleshooting and inspecting how your current garage door works will tell if you need to buy a new one or you just need a simple repair.

    Here is a list of signs to determine whether you need a new garage door:

    1. Defective Parts – look out for worn out or broken tracks, springs, bolts and other mechanical parts.
    2. Continual Loud Noises – presence of unusual noises such as screeching, grinding, or squeaking means your garage door is having a difficulty to function.
    3. Sagging or Crumpling Garage Door – when the door is subsiding, it will be hard to use it.
    4. Cracked, Rotted, and Dented Panels – large dents or cracks on the door’s panels decrease the value of a garage door.
    5. Inefficient and Poor Operation – when the door is slowly responding and glitches most of the time.

    If most of these discussed signs are present on your current garage door, it is time to speak to the experts and get advice in replacing your whole garage door.

    Choosing A New Garage Door

    Remember that your new garage door should last decades to avoid great expenses in the future.

    Deciding to buy a new garage door comes with extra time and effort to know the possible options you have.

    Here are some few tips to make the best choice in buying a new garage door.

    Know your Material Options

    Garage Doors have various materials to choose from.

    There are steel, aluminum or glass,  and of course, the wooden material which requires high maintenance.

    Steel is the most common material among the three and it is popular for being durable, and  easy to maintain.

    While wooden material gives the highest home curb appeal but the maintenance is costly.

    On the other hand, aluminum or glass material is said to be an excellent choice.

    They are known for their modernized design that provides the right degree of privacy inside your garage.

    Know your Style Options 

    For Garage Door Styles, there are three options as well.

    The three kinds of styles are Carriage House, Contemporary Design, and the Traditional.

    The Carriage House gives a Victorian-like theme structure of your house.

    Contemporary Design is a modern style that is famous to young homeowners.

    Lastly, traditional style is the most common design which composes panels on the body and windows at the upper part.

    Consider Budget for the Replacement

    The cost of a garage door depends on several factors such as design, material, insulation, sizes, and etc.

    Budgeting is essential to prevent yourself from overspending.

    The key to a proper installation budget is considering the two main purposes of the garage door which is security and efficiency.

    It’s okay to purchase a non-expensive garage door as long as it provides a quiet and safe operation.

    It is even better if your new garage door has a great curb appeal to increase the value of your house in the future of selling it.

    High-Quality Garage Door Installation in Jacksonville

    Sunshine Garage Door Pros offers the finest garage door installation in Jacksonville.

    We have several options for Brand New Garage Doors, assuring you that all stocks are premium-quality and durable.

    All designs are exceptionally unique and attractive that gives a top-grade value of a house curb appeal.

    Our Garage Door Technicians are all licensed, dependable, and well-trained to give an excellent garage door service at your convenience.

    Call Sunshine Garage Door Pros now for an affordable yet well-built brand new garage door!

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