How To Adjust Garage Door Tracks

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    Constant utilization of your garage door can displace the garage door tracks.

    As the door moves up or down, it passes through the tracks which serve as its guides.

    The door’s movement can cause small changes in the positioning and alignment of the roller tracks.

    Over time, these subtle shifts will add up until you’ll be able to clearly tell that your garage door is out of alignment.

    In this case, you should know how to adjust garage door tracks.

    If you don’t, there’s no need to worry because this article will help you learn the process.

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    Indications That Your Garage Door Tracks Need Adjustment

    Before you adjust your garage door tracks, you should first determine if this is what your garage door really needs.

    Or else, you’ll just waste your time and your problem will still be there.

    To help you know if it’s now time to reposition your door tracks, there are two things you need to look out for – sticking and gaps.

    As a result of improperly aligned tracks, your garage door will bind and rub against one side of the track.

    Your door will therefore move stickily and will have a hard time moving up and down the roller tracks.

    On the other side of the tracks, you can expect a gap.

    This space results from the tracks on the other side being close to the door.

    Adjusting your garage door tracks will resolve the gap or sticking movement in your garage door.

    How To Adjust The Vertical Tracks

    One best practice in repairing garage doors is to adjust both the vertical and horizontal tracks, even though only one is misaligned.

    In this portion, we’ll show you how to adjust the vertical garage door tracks first.

    1. First, get a screwdriver or wrench and loosen the screws or nuts that are securing the lower track brackets.

    Do this on both sides of the tracks.

    1. Now that the brackets are loose, you can move each track to restore their alignment.

    Gently reposition the tracks so that the space between the garage door and rubber stop is about a quarter inch.

    In case you’re having difficulty moving the tracks, you can use a wooden block and mallet to gently shift them.

    1. Use a spirit level to verify that you’ve properly aligned your garage door tracks.

    Make sure that the tracks are perfectly aligned.

    If not, continue adjusting.

    1. Finally, tighten the screws or nuts of the mounting brackets back using the same tools in step 1 and test your door.

    How to Adjust The Overhead Horizontal Tracks

    After adjusting the vertical tracks, you still have to do the same for the horizontal ones.

    Here are the steps in adjusting horizontal garage door tracks.

    1. Determine the site in the tracks that need adjustment.
    1. Use a screwdriver or wrench to loosen the hardware fastening the mounting brackets.
    1. Shift the position of the tracks until they are perpendicular to the vertical tracks.

    You’ll need to move them to the left or right until you get the proper alignment.

    1. Make sure that the gap between the garage door and the horizontal tracks is about half an inch.

    This distance is ideal so that your garage door will not bind to the tracks.

    1. Next, put the screws or nuts back in the brackets and secure them with a screwdriver or wrench.
    1. Test your garage door by moving it up or down either manually or automatically.

    Professional Garage Door Repair In Jacksonville

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