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First impressions last. We know how crucial it is for the face of your business to look modern, professional, and tidy. That’s why we work with just a few selected suppliers that are tried and tested, designed with durability and safety in mind.

Commercial Garage Door Repair
Garage Door Installation

We see the same reaction of surprise when our customers see just how much a new garage door can completely transform the look and feel of their home. The best part? It costs a lot less than you might think! For a FREE quotation, call us today!

Just because motors are broken doesn’t mean they’re no good. We’ve got tons of experience in fixing just about every make and model, so yours will be no different.

How to Stop Your Garage Door from Squeaking
Garage Door Motor Repair

If your garage door isn’t opening particularly smoothly or evenly, it’s more than likely faulty openers. A nuisance that if left untreated, can get significantly worse. Call us today and we’ll have it feeling like new again.

Automatic openers can be a pain to fix without the right specialist tools and training. If your automatic garage door is no longer… automatic… then let sunshine Garage Door Pros bring back this huge convenience to your home.

Garage Door Spring Replacement
How to Make Your Garage Door Quieter

Damaged and frayed cables can pose a large safety concern. This isn’t a repair that we recommend leaving for any time. In fact, as soon as you notice cables that are damaged or loose, call us right away!

Often overlooked, strong, sturdy springs are what carry the load of your garage door. If your door is feeling much heavier than it used to with less bounce, then your springs need replacing.

A good reliable sensor will go unnoticed, you should forget it exists. We stock the brands we trust and we have good experience with but we can also fix any brand on the market.

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