How To Improve Garage Door Opener Reception

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    A functional automatic garage door responds to one click on the remote as long as it’s within the range.

    So, if your garage door suddenly does not budge to your remote signals, then that means something has changed.

    Three important things you need to check are your garage door opener, the remote, and the surroundings.

    We will discuss each factor shortly in this article.

    We’ll also give out tips on how to improve garage door opener reception.

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    Garage Door Opener Remote Issues

    Communication is a two-way street.

    That means something must send signals and the other one will receive and interpret it.

    In the case of garage doors, the remote is the sender while the antenna of the opener is the receiver.

    For your door to work properly, these two components must work in harmony.

    So, if something’s wrong with your remote, then your garage door opener will hardly or not receive signals.

    Dead Battery

    One common reason why you have poor garage door opener range is a low or dead battery.

    Remote batteries usually have a lifespan of 3-5 years.

    So, look back and think about the last time you’ve replaced your remote battery.

    If it’s more than the given timeframe, then your battery is probably already out of juice.

    Luckily, it’ll only take a few dollars and a quick trip to a store to replace your remote battery.

    Damaged Remote Control

    Many garage owners are guilty of accidentally dropping and compressing their opener remote.

    But even if you take care of your remote control, it will still become damaged and defective after some time.

    Its buttons and wires will eventually wear and you’ll need to replace your remote unit.

    If you notice damage to your remote at the same time that you experience reception issues, you should repair or upgrade your remote.

    Garage Door Opener Problems

    Another thing you need to check if you experience weak opener reception is the opener unit itself.

    One common problem is antenna positioning.

    The garage door operator’s antenna is freely hanging from the unit in order to pick up the signals that the remote sends.

    If something’s blocking it, then you must place the antenna somewhere it can clearly receive RF signals.

    You can install an antenna extension, so you can relocate it without any difficulty.

    Interference in the Surroundings

    The last thing you need to examine is the environment of your garage door.

    Some changes, especially in your home’s electrical system, may affect the reception of the opener.

    Perhaps, you’ve recently installed a smart LED light, security system, or alarm in your garage.

    If your answer is yes, then that’s likely to be the reason for your poor garage door opener range.

    Electrical devices can interfere with the signals that your remote is sending to the antenna.

    As a result, your opener won’t be able to receive these signals optimally.

    To fix the issue, you can try relocating electronics such as TV cables, surge protectors, and battery chargers away from your garage.

    If that’s impossible, especially in the case of huge electrical components, then you can install an antenna extension.

    24/7 Garage Door Opener Repair in Jacksonville

    There are many DIY solutions to troubleshoot a garage door opener with poor range.

    However, there are also instances where you cannot fix the issue all by yourself.

    With that, you need a reliable garage door company that can immediately attend to your needs.

    Sunshine Garage Door Pros is the most trusted garage door repair company in Jacksonville.

    That’s because we have experienced technicians who know how to resolve all kinds of garage door problems.

    We offer garage door opener repair, garage door spring repair, cable replacement, panel replacement, and many more.

    We also offer garage door installation in Jacksonville homes and commercial buildings.

    Call us anytime from Monday to Sunday for prompt and immediate garage door repair.

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