Garage Door Maintenance Checklist

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    Typically, most property owners operate their garage door many times a day.

    However, as you regularly use your garage door, it hurts them as it speeds up the deterioration of its system.

    If you don’t always inspect your garage door, it might be at risk now.

    That’s why we recommend regularly checking your garage door before extreme weather strikes or changes into a new season.

    The reason behind this is you don’t want to be locked out outside your garage due to a malfunctioning garage door.

    But, if you already suspect that your door has started to become faulty, consider calling a professional garage door maintenance specialist to fix the problem for you.

    At Sunshine Garage Door Pros, we have a team of certified garage door repairmen who can do thorough check-ups of your garage door.

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    Check some of our garage door maintenance checklist below.

    Regularly Check Your Door’s Operating System

    Before you use your garage door in the morning, kindly check if there are blisters, fading, or cracking in your door’s panels.

    That’s because it can affect the curb appeal of your property.

    An excellent conditioned garage door is essential mainly if you’ll sell your property shortly.

    If your door has this kind of appearance, it won’t attract potential buyers.

    Another way to check if your garage door is in top condition is through the remote control.

    Use your automatic garage door remote to operate your garage door.

    A well-maintained garage door should open and close down smoothly without any problem.

    Additionally, while operating your garage door, try to listen for any unnecessary noise.

    If you hear such sounds, it’s a sign that there’s an issue with one of your garage door components.

    Furthermore, try to test the balance of your garage door.

    If you observe that your garage door is in off-balance during functioning, it indicates that it puts extra pressure on the opener.

    If you want to check it, pull out the emergency release on the side of the opener, then try to lift it manually.

    Always Wash and Paint Your Door and Its Parts

    If you want your garage door to be attractive in your customer’s eyes, ensure that you always clean and paint the door if the color starts to fade.

    By doing this, you can increase the curb appeal and your property’s value, and you can get rid of the stains and debris on your garage door.

    Additionally, removing the dirt and grime buildup on the internal part of your garage door will make them function correctly and smoothly.

    If you notice dents and scratches on your garage door, you need to apply new paint on your garage door.

    Replacing the old color of your garage door can attract many potential buyers of your property.

    Moreover, don’t forget to clean your window panes to let the natural sunlight enter your house.

    Use a used rug and an all-purpose cleaner when cleaning your windows panes to restore their cleanliness.

    Lastly, wash the entire garage door to remove all the stuck dirt and grimes in the panels, weatherstripping, and doorstop.

    Inspect The Movable Parts

    When inspecting the movable parts of your garage door, check first the rollers along with the bottom and top brackets.

    If you need to remove them, don’t take the risk and let the professional garage door technician help you and take them out correctly.

    Additionally, check the pulleys and cables as they are always under extreme tension.

    If you’re checking the cables and pulleys, you must take out the component that is mounted on the roller’s brackets.

    If you notice any damages or injuries, call a garage door maintenance specialist to repair them immediately.

    Lastly, don’t forget to examine the other vital part of your garage door like the spring bars, hinges and bearing plates.

    These components are one of the many parts that support your garage door, so you should take care of them too to avoid any issues in the future.


    Doing a maintenance checklist prolongs the life span of your garage door and its parts.

    Additionally, doing a garage door inspection as a hobby prevents any problems and unnecessary accidents on you and your family.

    If you need a reliable garage door repair service in Jacksonville, contact Sunshine Garage Door Pros.

    We offer fast and reliable garage door services for your needs.

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