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    Garage Door Repair Service Costs in Windy Hill, Jacksonville

    Everyone loves a reliable garage door.

    Apart from the fact that high-quality garage doors are low-maintenance, these doors are also efficient.

    They open and close fast so that you don’t experience delays in your schedule.

    Fast-moving garage doors are especially ideal in business settings, where time is of the essence.

    Any delays in the business operations could easily incur significant losses in revenues.

    However, the time will come when your swift garage door will slacken off.

    This could be due to old age, weather damage, unlubricated parts, or improper installation.

    If you encounter a garage door moving slow, don’t fret and call Sunshine Garage Door Pros.

    We have a team of certified and highly skilled technicians who can put your door back to its normal pace.

    With our years of expertise and high-quality tools, you can rest assured we’ll get the job done.

    Call us today for professional garage door repair in Jacksonville.

    Reasons For a Slow-Moving Garage Door

    Your garage door moving slowly is an indication of many things.

    Besides the age of the door, other factors could also lead to a snail-like door.

    Here, we will discuss several reasons why your door dropped speed through its lifetime.

    Broken and Worn-out Parts

    The garage door springs and cables are the main mechanisms that allow your door to move.

    The high tension in the torsion springs makes an extremely heavy garage door go up the tracks as smoothly as possible.

    Given this, you can expect that a broken garage door spring or cable will impair the performance of your door.

    At best, snapped torsion springs and cables can cause your garage door to move slowly.

    But it could also lead to a stuck garage door, where the door won’t be able to move at all.

    Furthermore, broken garage door springs are a huge safety hazard.

    It’s best to call a technician to fix the garage door first before operating it again.

    Improper Installation

    You should only trust licensed and experienced technicians to install your garage door.

    That’s because they know how to do it properly and they can guarantee the optimal performance of your door.

    So, if you’ve hired an amateur to set up your garage door, there’s a high possibility that something will go wrong.

    A garage door moving slowly is one possible result of improper installation.

    If your garage door moves at an unsatisfactory pace right after installation, then you need to double-check.

    Make sure that every part of your door is in good condition and is right where it should be.

    External Weather Conditions

    You may have noticed that your garage door is moving at a slower pace during the winter season.

    This is due to the fact that the cold temperature could cause parts of your door to freeze.

    Frost build-up may occur in your garage door rollers, opener chain, and tracks.

    When that happens, these parts won’t be able to move, thereby causing your door to move slowly or get stuck.

    Thus, it’s best to prepare for the cold months by making sure that your garage door is free from moisture.

    What To Do With A Garage Door Moving Slow?

    Nobody likes waiting time, especially when we’re talking about a garage that takes too much time to open and close.

    If you’re in this kind of situation, don’t wait further and call your trusted local technicians.

    Don’t try to fix a lagging garage door on your own as the task could be dangerous and demanding.

    Instead of trying to do DIY repair, simply leave the job to the professionals.

    If you live in Jacksonville, you can trust Sunshine Garage Door Pros for your garage door repair needs.

    You can call us for instant service, and we’ll be sure to send a team to your place right away.

    You may also book an appointment for a preferred schedule, and our technicians will arrive on time.

    Here’s how our service works:

    Once we’ve confirmed your booking, our garage door repair specialists will then prepare and go to your area.

    Upon our arrival, we will inspect your garage door to identify defective parts.

    Then our technicians will proceed to provide you with the most applicable garage door solution to your problem.

    Call us today for expert garage door repair in Jacksonville.

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