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    Whether you’re a new garage owner or an old-timer, you probably have a lot of questions about garage doors.

    So, we’ve compiled some frequently asked questions that will help you maintain or restore the condition of your garage door.

    Why is my garage door not working?

    One of the many causes of frustration among garage owners is when their garage door suddenly stops working.

    Whether your garage door won’t move or it stops halfway means something is wrong with it.

    Perhaps, your garage door opener is defective, it has poor reception, or its safety sensors have been damages.

    It could also be because of a snapped cable or spring, worn-out rollers, or improperly aligned door tracks.

    There are a lot of things you need to check before you can determine the source of the issue.

    Hence, we suggest that you just call our expert team at Sunshine Garage Door Pros.

    We will diagnose your garage door problem and fix it for you right away.

    Is it recommended to DIY garage door repairs?

    Fixing garage door dents, repairing bent tracks, and replacing garage door rollers are some of the things you can DIY.

    However, repairs that are risky, complicated, and tedious are not meant for amateurs like you.

    You’ll just end up causing more damage to your door.

    Because of this, we highly recommend that you hire a professional technician to handle your garage door repairs.

    Besides having the proper safety gear, experts know how to work their way efficiently and correctly.

    Why is it dangerous to fix garage doors?

    Tasks such as replacing garage door springs and cables pose a lot of hazards.

    Take note that the torsion spring is under extremely high tension.

    If it suddenly snaps, your garage door will crash down and the broken spring will shoot away at high speeds.

    This event will lead to injuries and damages to property.

    Another reason why it’s unsafe to repair garage doors on your own is you can get electrocuted from troubleshooting the opener.

    If you don’t take safety precautions, you’ll end up in an accident.

    How much do professional garage door repair services cost?

    Several factors affect the rate of garage door repairs.

    On top of the list are the following:

    • Garage door type and model
    • Type of garage door repair
    • Extent of damage
    • How complicated the repair is
    • If you need to replace certain garage door parts
    • Size of garage door

    If you want to find out the cost of our affordable services, give us a call and we’ll give you a quote.

    We guarantee you that you will get your money’s worth if you book with us.

    When do I need to replace my garage door?

    Sometimes, garage door repairs cannot do wonders and restore the optimal condition and performance of your door.

    The following are some situations wherein you have no other choice but to opt for a new garage door installation.

    • You want to upgrade to a newer and better garage door to boost curb appeal.
    • Garage door parts are no longer available since your door model has been discontinued.
    • You’re going to sell your house and you want to hike up its price.
    • The garage door is severely damaged and dilapidated.
    • Panel replacement is impractical since all or most of the panels have become impaired.

    When should I call a garage door repair specialist?

    You can call a garage door specialist at the first sign of a garage door issue.

    As soon as you notice that your door is moving erratically, call a technician to diagnose and troubleshoot it.

    You can even call one even if there’s no issue yet, and you just need a garage door tune-up.

    That way, you can prevent any problem from surfacing and you can continue using your garage door without interruptions.

    If you need reliable garage door repair in Jacksonville, don’t hesitate to call Sunshine Garage Door Pros.

    We offer the following services:

    • Garage door repair and panel replacement
    • Garage door spring replacement
    • Snapped cable replacement
    • Bent, broken, misaligned tracks repair
    • Replacement of worn-out rollers
    • Garage door opener repair and replacement
    • Garage door and opener installation
    • Commercial garage door repairs

    Our dedicated and friendly team will happily fix your garage door for you.

    We will come to your place ready for any garage door solution within the shortest amount of time possible.

    Contact us today for same-day garage door repair.

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