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    A high-quality garage door works smoothly and quietly for a long time.

    But after some years, you may already hear squeaking, rumbling, rattling, and vibrating noises.

    These are just a few common garage door sounds your door will produce indicating that something’s wrong.

    It’s normal to feel irritated and frustrated when you hear your garage door making noise.

    But, it only means that you need to check up and repair your garage door.

    In that way, you can diagnose the issue, resolve it, and ultimately restore the silent performance of your door.

    For professional and comprehensive garage door repair in Jacksonville, feel free to contact Sunshine Garage Door Pros.

    Our technicians can easily tell the cause of the garage door noise just by hearing it.

    They can also provide immediate action to resolve the problem.

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    Common Garage Door Noises

    Different garage door problems cause different garage door sounds.

    Hence, before you determine an effective solution, you first need to examine the type of sound your door produces.

    Through that, you’ll be able to detect where the noise is coming from and which part of your garage door is broken.

    Listed below are the common garage door noises and their source.

    • Vibrating – vibrating sounds may occur if you have worn-out rollers and if there is loose hardware you need to tighten.
    • Rattling – if you hear a rattling sound from the opener, that’s an indication that the garage door opener chain is loose.
    • Banging – loud banging noises imply that you have an off-track garage door or damaged garage door panels.
    • Scraping – a scraping sound means that the door is rubbing against the tracks or the stops. This noise is an indication that you have misaligned garage door tracks.
    • Squeaking – annoying squeaking and squealing sounds tell you that you haven’t lubricated your door for some time. Lubricate the rollers to fix the issue.
    • Popping – a sudden loud pop could mean that your torsion spring has snapped. In that case, you shouldn’t move your door to avoid accidents.

    What To Do When Your Garage Door is Making Noise?

    It’s easy to panic when you’re faced with unusual situations.

    But, you shouldn’t since it’s normal for these sounds to materialize when you have a damaged garage door.

    If your garage door is producing peculiar sounds, stop operating it immediately.

    Do not use your garage door especially if you don’t know where the noise originates.

    The sound could be a result of a broken spring or cable, and that is extremely dangerous to handle.

    Contact your local technician to help you deal with the irregularity.

    Certified technicians have the know-how to carefully examine and repair garage doors.


    Regular application of a lubricant is vital in the ease of movement of your garage door.

    If your door produces squeaking noises, lubricate the rollers, opener chain, and other parts to restore their silent operation.

    Garage Door Tracks Adjustment

    In case your door is rubbing against the tracks or it’s out of alignment, performing track adjustment could do the trick.

    Through regular use, garage door tracks can go out of alignment.

    In turn, this could affect the mechanism of your door and produce scraping or grinding sounds.

    Tighten Garage Door Parts

    When the bolts and nuts mounting the garage door tracks become loose, your door will rattle or shake as it moves.

    Similarly, loose cables and garage door operator chains can also result in abnormal sounds.

    In cases like this, you simply have to tighten the hardware or garage door parts.

    Roller Replacement

    Garage doors with worn-out rollers will operate louder than normal.

    That’s because the rollers are no longer uniform, which results in vibrating sounds as the door goes up or down.

    Garage Door Replacement

    Clearly, one of the main reasons why your garage door is moving noisily is because of its age.

    Older garage doors are highly likely to produce unnecessary sounds because the parts have already worn out.

    In case your garage door is more than a decade old, it’s time to replace extensively damaged components.

    But if that’s no longer a viable option (such as when you have a discontinued garage door), then you need to upgrade.

    If you need a new garage door installation in Jacksonville, call us at Sunshine Garage Door Pros.

    Our technicians will handle every step of the installation process for you.

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