How To Open Garage Door Manually From Outside

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    Many garage owners enjoy the convenience of automatic garage doors.

    But when a power interruption occurs, you won’t have a choice but to open your door manually.

    Similarly, when something goes wrong with your garage door opener, you’ll switch to manual operation to access your garage.

    Because of this, you should know how to put and use your garage door in manual mode.

    If not, continue reading to find out how you’ll be able to achieve this.

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    How to Manually Open Your Garage Door From the Outside

    Rainy weather is a major inconvenience if you have a manually operated garage door.

    But even if you have an automatic door operator, the inclement condition can lead to a power outage.

    In short, you’ll also be burdened since you won’t be able to operate your garage door remotely.

    What you need to do is disconnect your garage door from the opener, so that you can use the former manually.

    To do this, follow this step-by-step guide on how to open the garage door manually from outside.

    1. Determine where the emergency release kit is.

      This is a small lock that’s usually located on the center top part of your garage door.

    1. As a locking mechanism, the emergency release kit has a corresponding key that will unlock it.

    Now, use that key to gain access to the emergency release cord.

    After inserting the key, turn it and then pull to release the said cord.

    1. Pull the red emergency release cable until you hear a click or feel something move.

      The click you’ve witnessed is simply the opener disconnecting from the garage door.

    In other words, your garage door is now in manual operation.

    1. Next, use the appropriate key to unlock your garage door.
    1. Finally, lift the garage door until it reaches its limit.

      Make sure that it will stay in that position so that you can safely park your car in your garage.

    1. After that, don’t forget to manually close the garage door.

    To do this, simply pull it down until it touches the floor and you can lock it.

    How to Reconnect the Garage Door Opener

    Only when the power comes back will you be able to re-engage your garage door opener.

    So, you have to wait before you can do the following steps.

    1. First, make sure that the door is closed.

      Shifting to manual or automatic mode when your garage door is open is a big no-no.

    That’s because your door could crash down and cause casualties.

    1. Next, make sure that you’ve plugged the door opener.
    1. In case your door has an automatic trolley, you can automatically reconnect the opener by pressing on the remote.

      Simply press the close button and wait for the trolley to join with the arm on the garage door.

    1. On the other hand, if you don’t have an automatic trolley, you’ll have to pull the emergency release cord.

    A click will indicate that your garage door opener has re-engaged with your garage door.

    1. Lastly, test your garage door if it’s working properly.

      Try closing and opening your garage door with the remote to verify that it’s functioning.

    Let’s say the power is back and you’ve reconnected the opener, but your garage door won’t budge.

    In this case, you may be experiencing a more complicated issue that requires the help of a garage door repair specialist.

    Emergency Garage Door Repair in Jacksonville

    Operating your garage door manually is the immediate solution to the problem.

    However, you wouldn’t want to forgo the automatic mechanism of your door and keep opening and closing your door manually.

    Rather, you’ll call Sunshine Garage Door Pros and let us get your garage door opener working.

    Our technicians are experienced and knowledgeable when it comes to troubleshooting any garage door.

    Call us today and get a free quote for our garage door repair and installation services.

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