How To Open Garage Door Manually From Outside

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    In the era of automatic garage doors, dealing with a power outage can be frustrating. Fortunately, manually opening your garage door from the outside is not a Herculean task. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you navigate How To Open Garage Door Manually From Outside

    Step 1: Locate the Emergency Release Kit

    Many doors have an emergency release kit on the outside. This usually has a lock in the center top with a keyhole.

    Step 2: Unlock the Emergency Release Kit

    Insert the key and turn it to unlock the emergency release kit. Pulling down the cord releases the door from the opener.

    Step 3: Lift the Door

    With the door released, lift it manually. If it’s balanced correctly, you should not struggle to lift it.

    Details and Precautions

    Ensure that the door is free of obstructions and not damaged. If it’s difficult to lift or it doesn’t stay open, contact professional help.

    Detailed Table: Manual Garage Door Opening

    Step Action Tool Needed Precautions
    1 Locate release kit Eyes Ensure it’s the correct kit
    2 Unlock release kit Key Keep key safe
    3 Pull the release cord Hands Avoid excessive force
    4 Lift the door Hands Check for damage first
    5 Secure the door Door prop Use a sturdy prop

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I open my garage door if the power is out?

    Yes, you can manually open it from the outside using the emergency release kit. If you face any issues, consider consulting a professional.

    Is it safe to open the garage door manually?

    Absolutely, as long as you follow the instructions and precautions carefully. Make sure the door isn’t damaged or obstructed before attempting to open it.

    Do I need special tools to open the garage door manually from the outside?

    Typically, no special tools are needed aside from the key to the emergency release kit. If the door is stuck or damaged, seek professional assistance.

    Can I repair damages to my garage door myself?

    Minor damages may be repairable with DIY methods, but for significant damages or malfunctions, it’s always safer to contact experts.


    In times of inconvenience, knowing how to manually open your garage door from the outside is crucial. Following the right steps ensures that you don’t incur additional damages. Sunshine Garage Pros is your go-to solution for all garage door related concerns, from manual openings to comprehensive repairs. Our services are prompt, reliable, and focus on customer satisfaction.

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